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To ELEVATE the lives of all who walk through our door

through uncommon kindness, extraordinary service, and nostalgic class.



Flight Crew as a name and theme grew out of a love for the beauty of the nostalgia of the golden age of flight. The classy apparel and general air of mystique that surrounded flight crews, the service that one got while on a flight during the jet age, and the feeling of belonging that airlines used to make you feel like one in an elevated group of like minded travelers, is the basis for decisions that have been made at Flight Crew Coffee.



Our founder lived abroad and always found herself ending up in coffee shops. They became her home away from home, family away from family. When Covid hit the world, the need to create a place to be together with people face to face, to have conversations and opportunities for connections, continued to grow. The desire to spread a kindness that is now uncommon and provide a space where people feel at home, special, and able to create new connections with others became Flight Crew Coffee. 


Above all, I believe in people. My hope is that I have created a space that you love to come to because you know that we value you and are happy to see you. Coffee is the avenue I have chosen because the tradition of connecting over coffee feels like a worthy mission. I am actually not that interested in the product of coffee itself, but in the inherent connecting with others that comes with it. (I don't feel the need to roast my own beans, which is why I've chosen to use The Roasterie in KCMO. They already do a wonderful job.) And when it comes right down to it, the thing that has made my life the most beautiful and given it meaning has always been people. Flight Crew is my contribution to connection. We love being part of your life. 


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